There are a number of reasons why the 5% first order discount may not be being applied to your order. Please see below:

Your order needs to be over £100 - This offer is only valid on orders over £100.

You need to be logged into your account - If you have already registered for an online account and subscribed to the newsletter, please make sure you are logged into your account on returning visits.

The 5% first order discount is not valid on sale items - If you have all sale or discounted items in your Shopping Basket then the 5% first order discount will not be activated. Don't worry, if you have a mix of sale items and full-priced items then the 5% discount will be applied to the full-priced items and not the sale items. Also, if your Shopping Basket contains just sale items then the 5% discount will be automatically saved until your next order. 

You cannot use the 5% first order discount with any other offers or discount codes - The first order discount will not show if you have already applied a discount or promotional code in the Shopping Basket. 

If you have already used your 5% discount - You may have used your 10% first order discount on another order a long time ago. Our system will recognise if you've already used it and will therefore not apply it to your order. 

You may not be subscribed to the newsletter - Occasionally people accidentally click 'No' to subscribing to the newsletter when they meant to click 'Yes' and if this is the case then the first order discount will not be applied. This is easy to fix, all you need to do is log in to your online account and then change your Newsletter Subscription from 'No' to 'Yes'. 

- The 5% first order discount does not work with our Express Checkout - As there are no account registration and newsletter subscription options in our Express Checkout, this means you cannot obtain the 5% First Order Discount if placing an order via the Express Checkout.